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Who I am
I am a senior manager, advisory board member, speaker and strategy consultant. I have over two decades of leadership experience in tech, media and telecoms. I “get” Digital.

I deliver vision and connect people. I invest time and energy in commercial and team growth.  I manage change by putting clear processes in place, reducing ambiguity.

I am passionate, driven, and creative. Change makes me happy. I am an accomplished writer and speaker. I easily connect with audiences from board room to server room.

I can be difficult to work with. I take commitment literally, I can be very direct, impatient and may overstep boundaries. I like to be involved in everything that is going on.

In my 20+ years at media companies, technology companies, agencies and publishers I have built up deep knowledge of digital strategy, technology and business models.

I prefer assignments in fast-paced, data-driven environments, working with clear KPIs.
Depending on what is needed, the focus can be revenue growth, organizational change, cost reduction or business model innovation.

Let’s connect
I’m here to help. If you think I can add value for you, let me know!