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How can I help you?
I can help teams and organizations to become future proof, thanks to over two decades of senior management experience in tech, media and telecoms. If needed I can step in, either in a commercial leadership role or by helping your organization with advisory work. In the latter case I usually work as a personal mentor or advisory board member.

Leadership is about delivering vision, connecting people and getting things done. I know how to build businesses and teams, how to invest time and energy in people as well as in building business models. I can help you minimize negative impact from change by building a culture that is effective, resilient and adaptive. Check out my (Dutch) talk about transformational leadership at www.perspectives.nu

Typically assignments range from providing personal mentoring and feedback to strategy development, integrating digital technology or re-organizing teams and business models.

I am enthusiastic, driven, “always on”. Change makes me happy. I like selling and storytelling. I connect easily with audiences, from server room to board room. I tend to take a positive view and focus on opportunities rather than threats. 

In my 20+ years at leading media companies, technology companies, agencies and publishers I have built up deep knowledge of strategy, digital technology and business models.

I can help to deliver personal growth, organizational change, cost reduction, a KPI framework or business model innovation. If you need all of the above, we should probably discuss a longer term arrangement.

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I’m here to help. If you think I might be able to add value for you, let me know.