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Who I am.
I am a manager, advisory board member, mentor, strategy consultant, writer and speaker. I have over two decades of senior management experience in tech, media and telecoms. I am purpose-driven and I love innovation and teamwork. 

I believe leadership is about delivering vision, connecting people and getting things done. I know how to build businesses and teams, how to invest time and energy in people as well as in business models. Change will always cause friction, but I can help you minimize any negative impact so you will be back on track sooner.

I can work with you as an advisor, either individually or as a team. Assignments range from providing personal mentoring and feedback to strategy development, integrating digital technology or re-organizing teams and business models.

I am passionate, driven, “always on”. Change makes me happy. I like selling and storytelling. I connect easily with audiences, from server room to board room. I tend to take a positive view and focus on opportunities rather than threats. 

In my 20+ years at leading media companies, technology companies, agencies and publishers I have built up deep knowledge of strategy, digital technology and business models.

I prefer delivering on clear goals. Depending on what is needed, I can help to deliver personal growth, organizational change, cost reduction, a KPI framework or business model innovation. If you need all of the above, lets discuss a longer term arrangement ;)

Let’s connect!
I’m here to help. If you think I can add value for you, let me know.