Free advice or free lance?

So I have some time on my hands that I am free to choose how to spend. A luxury. Many people ask me whether I’m considering to start my own company at this point. I usually just take this as a compliment, but had not really given it serious thought until now. I count several people that I consider “real”enterpreneurs among my friends, but never really thought of myself as one. Then again, never say never.

At the moment I am using my time to go out in the world. I am meeting with interesting people, both inside large and small companies. Yes, even some startups. I make connections between people, take some speaker opportunities and give advice where that is appreciated. Just for the price of a few cups of coffee, a lunch or a dinner.

I am getting energy out of it. Granted, this is not a day job, let alone a company yet. But I admit there is a risk that it could turn in to one eventually. The idea is not to start a full-time job until February 2016. Let’s see. For now, I’m just looking for a job and giving free advice :)