Daniel Kegel

Head of Digital at NOS

I’ve worked with Jeroen for over two years and he has proven to be a very insightful and inspiring leader. He has a strong analytical mind and very broad understanding of digital business, media and technology. He can operate on both strategic and practical levels and trusts his people to do their jobs. Most importantly, he has a passion for digital and is able to communicate that passion to his team.

Lead PM at De Persgroep Publishing

Jeroen is an inspiring manager, the best team builder I’ve ever met and someone you would go the extra mile for. Thorough understanding of online product development en digital strategy.

CEO at Nawaz Consulting LLC, HBR writer

Jeroen sets himself apart by his focus on getting the most out of his and others’ time. He does this not only by working hard and paying attention to the task at hand but by being strategic about the end goal. It’s important to Jeroen to be truthful and authentic even if that comes at a high cost or he might have to say something that’s unpopular. Jeroen shows a rare and determination that’s refreshing to see in leaders.

Manager SEO & Content Marketing at Skydreams

Jeroen is one of the best managers I have ever had. He puts trust in his people, by giving them full ownership. This is the way to let people grow and let them show what they are good at. He gives you advice on how to deal with situations, instead of taking care of it himself. But when you ask him to step in, he will help you out.

COO at Uuni

It was truly a pleasure working with Jeroen. He is a very reliable person, has a strong ability to think outside the box and has a real passion for all things online and is able to share that passion with those who work with him. I have no doubt that his great cross-section of skills and ability to understand both the production and the commercial values of online assets will see his career go from strength to strength.

✔ Online Marketeer, ✔ SEO Consultant ✔ Social Media trainer.

I can recommend Jeroen to everyone who’s looking for a passionate no nonsense manager. He also knows perfectly how to get the best out of his team members. To me the best people manager I ever had.

Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook

I would describe Jeroen as a great manager, humorist, bright, very passionate and a somewhat rigid in a positive way. Jeroen is someone who is able to work with everybody in a company, at every level. Furthermore he has developed a massive experience in on- as well as off-line media at leading companies. In my role as sales manager I particularly enjoyed Jeroen

Joost Nienhuis 
CEO at RealCampaign

Jeroen is a holistic thinker who knows online in-depth. He’s a great professional and easy to work with. He gets things done

Conversie Optimalisate, Gedragwetenschappen en Neuromarketing.

Jeroen is a professional and very reliable business partner. He knows pretty much everything there is to know about advertising, marketing and social media. I highly recommend him for his personality too, since working with him has always been a pleasure.

Kandidaat Tweede Kamerlid D66

Apart from the fact that Jeroen is a great colleague to work with, I would like to recommend him because of his passion for the online business and his deep business and technical insights. Jeroen has the analytical skill to get to the core of a business problem and he has the experience and leadership skills to tackle the issues.

Eindredacteur at Windesheim Flevoland

In the past year I’ve worked for Jeroen, he has had a great impact on me as an editor at MSN. He has great people skills, while at the same time never loses sight of what’s important to the company.

Jan-Willem de Lange
Partner at Randock

Jeroen thinks fast. In his vision ahead of the market but realistic in current opportunities. Jeroen has the gift to recognize talented people. He’s not afraid to take risks and knows how to make his ideas profitable. Hope to do business again.

CEO at ELEQT Group

Have had and still have a very rewarding professional relationship with Jeroen. A very thrustworthy, creative and humoristic guy to work with!

Gilbert den Hertog

Benelux Regional Manager

I have worked with Jeroen in various projects for several years now and must say I appreciate his professionalism, his commercial analitical skills and his feeling for digital media business in general.

Geert-Jan Den Besten 
Director Simplify & Innovation LE/Corporate

Early on in our working relation I learned to trust Jeroen’s market knowledge on interactive media. Before the market realises a gap, Jeroen already identifies it and creates innovating ideas how to fill it. As a manager Jeroen can be stern if needed, but is always just and open. Of course he expects the best of his people, but when help is needed, he offers it without restrictions. Jeroen’s management capabilities make it a pleasure to work for him.

Jeroen Doucet
Building digital business for traditional media, digital transformation manager

We worked closely on a highly sensitive and very strategic project for three companies that were miles apart in culture and objectives. Jeroen was the ideal representative understanding the complex strategic issues and the need to stick together. At the same time he rejected any overcomplication and was not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Director Media, Communications & Brand Publishing at Ziggo

Jeroen is a real inspiration. This guy discovers trends before it even becomes a trend. A highly motivated and energetic e-commerce and cross media professional who is a non stop source of ideas, actions and thoughts. Highly creative and original, I am delighted to be able to write a recommendation for Jeroen.

Joris Bouman
Uitgever GS Media BV / News Media

Jeroen is a strong and energetic manager with great resourcefulness and a sharp vision on new media. Apart from enjoying his company I benefited from his guidance and inspiration.

Tino Meijn
Oprichter CorporatieNL

Jeroen is one of those talents you know you will only meet once in a lifetime because he holds that exclusive skill of acting on strategic and tactical level at the same time while leading groups of bright people to new and challenging horizons.