Business Model & Rates

Subscription model
My offering consists of strategic advice in a subscription model. Preferably based on a monthly frequency. I believe in transparency, so you can find the basic model and rates here below.

Rate and discounts.
You can book half or whole days. My daily rate is €1600. This includes travel cost & time. No overtime, materials or other added costs will be charged. No surprises.

A minimum subscription period is 1 day per month, with a minimum of 6 days. Therefore effectively there is a minimum booking value of €9.600.
Full year contracts can be booked at a significant discount (monthly meetings, 11 sessions, assuming we’ll miss one due to holidays somewhere). The offer here is €15.500, so a discount of over €2000. Quick win!
After the initially agreed upon period you can simply stop the contract on a months’ notice – or we keep on going, as long as we both see a value add. My rate is really not open for negotiation, but the way we can best use our time together most certainly is.

As part of our relationship I can set up a dedicated online workspace to log topics discussed, items delivered, content suggested etc. Alternatively, if you prefer, this can be done inside a trusted online environment provided by your company.

Longer term or higher volume contract types like interim management assignments can be discussed case-by-case. All rates mentioned are excluding VAT.

To discuss availability or simply discuss further options, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach out and find my details on the contact page.

Thanks for reading this far. I appreciate it and I look forward to working with you.